Goat Farming in Tamil Nadu For Beginners

Goat Farming in Tamil Nadu.

Introduction To Goat Farming in Tamil Nadu: Goat farming in a few of the very best commercial businesses in the livestock industry and is gaining popularity each year in Tamil Nadu. Goat farming business is established and profitable business in the state of Tamil Nadu. Goats are small sized livestock creature and it is extremely simple to raise some goats. Even the woman and children, old people may also raise and treat them easily along with their routine work and other livestock. The younger generation is showing interest in commercial goat farming business in Tamil Nadu. The following is all about benefits and beginning a goat farming in Tamil Nadu.

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Benefits of Starting  Goat Farming in Tamil Nadu:

There are a number of benefits of starting commercial goat farming business. Here are main advantages of beginning a commercial goat farming in Tamil Nadu.


Goats are little livestock animal. They require less space and care than cattle.

Goat care and management process are very easy and simple. A woman can quickly raise some goats together with their regular household activities. And the kids may also raise them flawlessly with their studies.

The Government of Tamil Nadu is continuously inspiring the people for establishing small-scale goat farm and producing many opportunities required for goat farming enterprise.

Goats are multipurpose little-sized livestock animal and they’re acceptable for commercial milk, meat, fiber, skin and manure production.

Goats need less living area, care, and extra facilities in contrast to other livestock creature like cows.

They could manage themselves with less direction, care, housing, and feeding. In small-scale production, you can keep your goats with other animals like cow or sheep.

Infrastructure, feeding, treatment and other production costs are less.

Highly productive goat breeds are accessible and appropriate for farming in Tamil Nadu based on its own weather, climate, and other conditions.

Goats are smaller in size but reach slaughter age quicker.

There Are no spiritual obligations or taboo for swallowing goat products like milk and meat.

Many Highly productive foreign and local goat breeds are accessible and suitable for commercial production.

Goat Meat has a great demand and value in the regional Tamil Nadu and international sector. Goat milk is very suitable for human health and the popularity and consuming speed of goat milk is growing rapidly. Thus, you don’t need to consider advertising your products.

Commercial Goat farming in Tamil Nadu can be a great source of income and employment for the unemployed educated people of Tamil Nadu.

How to Set Up and Start Goat Farming in Tamil Nadu?

Setting up small-scale goat farm is very straightforward. But for large-scale commercial manufacturing, you need to make an appropriate plan and utilize them perfectly. In the following section, it is possible to find the practice of setting up Commercial goat cultivation in Tamil Nadu. Before starting a commercial goat farming in Tamil Nadu, you must prepare a goat farming business program which covers from buying goats to advertising goats. This should also include financial info to have more management in running the goat cultivation in Tamil Nadu.

You can read about the goat farming business plan.

How To Select Suitable Location for Goat Farming in Tamil Nadu:

Selecting a suitable farm location for starting commercial goat cultivation in Tamil Nadu is most important. Although, almost all places of Tamil Nadu are suitable for establishing goat farming business. But it will be better for commercial production if you can set up the farm near from your home and far from the residential areas. While selecting a place for setting up the farm, bear in mind the crucial facilities that are extremely urgent proper growth and greatest production. The necessary facilities for goat farming in Tamil Nadu include good home, grazing place, fresh water source, health care services, fantastic transportation system, suitable market etc.. Consider the following facilities while selecting suitable farm location for commercial goat farming business.

The selected location must have to have an excellent supply of sufficient clean and fresh water.

The selected area must have to be acceptable for harvest, grass and other green plant production. Since marijuana or other green plant production will help to lessen the feeding costs.

Grazing retains the goat healthful and productive. Thus, try to make a grazing place to your goats.

A market close to the farm location will be effective.

Good transportation facilities in the selected area.

Ensure availability of all types of necessary vet service in the region.

Attempt to establish the farm in rural places. Because labor and lands are exceptionally available within a quite inexpensive price in those areas. And some other direct costs are less in rural areas.

The selected area must have to be liberated from all sorts of pollution and noise.

In a word, pick this type of place that’s suitable for appropriate growth and ensure maximum production.

Goat Breed Selection in Goat Farming in Tamil Nadu:

What breed will I choose? It’s a frequent question and problem for beginners. Selecting proper goat strains is most important part of your commercial goat farming business in Tamil Nadu. Before selecting good goat breeds, determine which type of goods that you want to produce. Stop by your nearest local marketplace and attempt to comprehend what sort of goat merchandise has an enormous demand. If goat milk has huge demand then you can start raising dairy goats. Goat meat has a huge demand from the local and worldwide sector. Therefore, you can easily choose any highly eco-friendly goat strains for commercial production. Again your breed choice depends upon kind of business you want to know more about. For dairy purpose certain breeds are best suited, for Meat goat farming, specific breeds are best suited and there are a few goat strains which are suitable for both milk and meat. But, select proper breeds based on your desired production.

Tips: Well, you must select healthy and suitable age goats acceptable for goat farming in Tamil Nadu. Aside from that, you ought to be wise to bargain in terms cost. You can save lots of money by negotiating with associates. Purchase the goats in quality and certified breeding centers only.

You can read some Information about goat selection and buying tips.

 Goat Shed/House For Goat Farming in Tamil Nadu:

Most of the small-scale goat farmer of Tamil Nadu utilized to maintain their goats with other livestock animals. But for commercial production, you should need to make a correct home for your own goats. Building a suitable housing process has become the most significant part commercial goat cultivation in Tamil Nadu. A fantastic home keeps the creature safe and free from all kinds of adverse environmental and predators. Nowadays, stall feeding goat farming method was proved since the most profitable farming system and this system is gaining popularity day by day in Tamil Nadu. For commercial creation, stall-feeding is strategy is extremely powerful. So, you have to build a home by bearing in mind that variable. Goat housing design depends on the breed and production type. So, the goat housing design may be of different types according to the breed and production type.

Goat Shelter in Goat Farming in Tamil Nadu:

Think about the following while making a house for your goats.

3 Months Old Goat Kids.

Make the house in comparatively higher place so that it is possible to keep your goats free from flood water during rainy season.

Attempt to keep the goats in a clean home that’s free of dampness, drafts and all types of pests.

Because goat does not like wet flooring. Ensure the house floor is always dry.

Make proper ventilation system and ensure sufficient flow of fresh air and sufficient light within the home.

Create a drain within the house with the aim of the appropriate sanitation system. This also helps to maintain the goat healthy and you can easily clean the home.

Avoid entry of rain water right into the house. In this aspect, you can make the home with concrete or asbestos roof.

Keep adequate temperature control system. So, while making house keep in mind this variable.

Always wash the feeding and watering equipment inside the shed. It is mandatory to keep all types of necessary equipment and required facilities for proper goat growth and maximum production.

Read about Goat Shed Construction.

Feeding Management Insert all types of necessary minerals, vitamins, salt etc. in their food. Ensure appropriate amount of protein in goat feed. Supply them an adequate amount of green grasses or other plants that are green. Never try to feed them date contaminated or expired food with their normal food. Together with supplying high-quality nutritious meals, attempt to serve them sufficient amount of fresh and clean water. Goat Feed Management is one of the major tasks in any commercial goat farming business.

Medical Assistance And Veterinary Services at Goat Farming in Tamil Nadu:

For commercial goat farming, adequate veterinary services are a must. Before beginning goat farming organization, you should make sure the access to all kinds of necessary veterinary services. Consistently stock some necessary medicines and vaccines on your farm. And keep in touch with the veterinary doctor. Timely management of goat disease ensures in healthy goat rise and profits. You may read more about Goat diseases and their control.

Read more about Goat Vaccination Program.

Care for Pregnant Goats and Newly Born Goat Kids in Goat Farming in Tamil Nadu:

Pregnant Goat.

In commercial goat Farming, additional care and special attention are necessary for the event of pregnant does and newly born children. Feeding and wellness management are main tasks has to be carried out in this circumstance.

Tips For Goat Farming in Tamil Nadu:

  • You should know the fundamentals of goats such as goat vocabulary and goat behavior.
  • Do not start goat farm on large scale, begin with 3 or 2 and increase the herd as you go.
  • Eliminate any poisonous plants out of a nearby farm.
  • Remove and market any does (female goats) if they are not productive.
  • Be certain all the critters get vaccinations in time.
  • Never mix the newly bought goats with older goats on the farm.
  • Maintain the goat house dry and clean to avoid any disease spread.
  • Does (female goats) shouldn’t be permitted to breed until they are at least seven weeks old.
  • Never buy too young goats and old goats, it is better to buy 6 months old goats.
  • Don’t utilize the feed or fodder leftover from additional goat feeders.
  • Maintain Away your shed from forest regions to protect the animals from any predators.
  • Reduce their hooves often to prevent from foot rot disease.
  • For dairy goat business, make sure to clean all the milking equipment to avoid any contamination.
  • Daily Goat manure from the shed floor should be swept away and stored nearby farm, which can be used for developing any green fodder plants.
  • Change The drinking water frequently and maintain fresh water.
  • Fence Your goat home so that goats will not enter the other areas.
  • Don’t Mix goats with other livestock.
  • Goats Are social creatures so never buy a single goat.
  • Do not Keep any bucks (male goats) at night time times unless you’re planning on breeding or leaving for mating.
  • Maintain a proper ratio of male and female goats. 1 male goat is great enough for 25 female goats.
  • Have a proper strategy of disposing of any goats.
  • Isolate any sick goat instantly and have medical attention.
  • Make sure veterinary doctor is onsite often for a checkup.
  • Keep close attention in case of pregnant does and newborn goat kids.
  • To steer clear of any feed cost, it is possible to grow grain crops and earn silage to work within dry seasons.
  • Enquire About any commercial goat farming subsidies in Tamil Nadu State.

Marketing in Goat Farming in Tamil Nadu:

As goat meat has excellent demand in India and All around the world. Domestic and Export markets are your point of interested in marketing. Most of the time, you can sell your goats in your own farm gate. Prevent Any middle broker to secure more profits. In case of commercial dairy farming, then make Sure you’ve got good marketing channel prior to starting a farm.


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